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Oahu Activities & Sites Continued

Oahu is full of things to do that won't take you to the cleaners!! Here's a very good list of links & listings, of inexpensive and free things to do that will allow you to get the most out of your stay on the beautiful Island of Oahu.

Oahu Trails & Gardens

Diamond Head crater:

One of Oahu's most famous landmarks. This is truly a must see & do!!! Not only do you get to view the island from probly the best vantage point on the island, but how often do you get to climb around a dormant volcano??? The hike is moderate, but very enjoyable. The path will take you through an old tunnel system and former gun enplacements. Be sure to bring a flashlight!! Once at the top, you receive your prize, the spectacular view of the Pacific, Waikiki, and the surrounding coastlines.

To get there, go through Waikiki heading towards Diamond Head. Look for the Daimond Head State Monument sign, that will take you through a tunnel to the Daimond Head Crater.

Admission is FREE

Sacred Falls:

Sacred Falls

Sacred Falls is CLOSED due to a fatal landslide on Mother's Day 1999. DO NOT ENTER!! Officially called Kaliuwa'a Falls, located on the Windward side, Sacred Falls is an easy and fun hike. The hike is about 4.5 miles round trip, so allow plenty of time in your day. (HINT: get there eary, the parking lot fills quickly!!) The trail leads to an 80-foot water fall and swimming hole. The hike itself, walking into the lush valley and jungle is absolutely beautiful. You will cross a stream several times and the rocks can get slippery so be careful. Be very aware of the weather conditions, flash flooding can occur. This is a very safe hike, but be cautious at the same time. Any questions on trail status & conditions call 808-587-0300.

Wahiawa Botanical Garden:

1396 California Ave., Wahiawa, Hawaii 96786, Telephone:(808) 621-7321

The Wahiawa Botanical Garden offers 27 lush acres of model tropical rainforest on the cool, elevated plateau of central Oahu. Tree ferns, a large palm collection, aroids are just a small sample of plant life. An information desk and a self guiding brochure are availible. Visit and enjoy the beauty of a tropical rainforest. This is a must see for nature lovers!!

Admission is Free

Koko Crater Botanical Garden:

The Garden located on the Eastern side of Oahu, inside Koko Crater, offers a lush 200 acre site. The crater floor with dry land plants, cacti, succulents, plumeria, bougainvillea and palms. The Crater hike is just over a mile in length, there are no ammenities.

Open during daylight hours, Admission is Free

Trail rides are availible from the stables, call for more information: 808-395-2628

Ho’Omaluhia Botanical Garden:

Ho’Omaluhia Botanical Garden

45-680 Luluku Road, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744, Telephone: (808) 233-7323 / 7324

The Garden is located on the Windward side of Oahu. This beautiful Botanical Garden offers 400 acres of rainforest enviroment, over 10,000 plantings from major tropical regions around the world and hiking trails. Weekend camping is availible, and picnic facilities are on the property.

Admission is Free

Foster Botanical Garden:

foster botanical garden

50 North Vineyard Blvd. Honolulu, Hawaii 96817, Telephone: (808) 522-7066

The Foster Botanical Garden offers acres of lush tropical trees, plantings & flowers, many are rare. The Garden has an information desk, gift shop and guided tours Monday thru Friday. Reservations are recommended.

Rates: Non resident adults- $5.00, Resident adults- $3.00, Children 6-12 $1.00, Children 5 and under are Free.

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